Private Liquidity Provisioning

Uniswap v2 style pools require equal value amounts of the underlying assets. Users deposit assets and receive Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens redeemable for the assets.


Add Liquidity Instructions

1. Click 'dApps' and select 'Liquidity'

Tip: You can also farm LP tokens in the Railway Farm. Click 'Farm' and then a vault provider to see a list of farmable assets. Once you've selected a compatible vault you can then return to the 'Liquidity' tab to enter an LP.

2. Select the Liquidity Pool you want to provide liquidity to

You will need to shield equal proportions of the 2 underlying tokens to enter into LPs.

If you want to see a full list of liquidity sources, these buttons will take you to the exchange's full list of available liquidity pools

3. Enter your desired token amount. Pools can only be entered from the token on the left. For example, on the 'WETH-DAI' pool, you would have to set the amount using WETH and not DAI.

4. Click 'Confirm Amount' to proceed. You can also change slippage by clicking the cog.

5. Add the resulting LP token to your wallet to view it in your asset list. You will also see the outcome of the liquidity provisioning.

6. Check the LP amounts again closely and click 'Next' to proceed

7. Review the transaction details closely including the RAILGUN protocol fee and click 'Generate Proof' to continue

8. Once the transaction is complete, you will see the resulting LP tokens in your balance and transaction details are visible in the 'Activity' tab

Remove Liquidity Instructions

1. On the 'Liquidity' tab, select 'Remove Liquidity' from the dropdown menu

2. Select the LP token you would like to remove liquidity from

3. Enter in the amount of LP tokens you would like to remove and click 'Confirm amount'. You can also change slippage by clicking the cog.

4. Click 'Next'

5. Review transaction details closely including RAILGUN protocol fee and click 'Generate proof' to continue

7. The remove liquidity transaction details will be visible in the 'Activity' tab

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