Users can sign transactions using any 0x wallet, avoiding the use of a Broadcaster. Read more about RAILGUN Broadcaster here.

Self-Signing may be preferable to save on Broadcaster fees, or in the rare cases where all Broadcasters are busy with other transactions.

How to self-broadcast a transaction

  1. Create a 2nd, fresh new wallet in Railway Wallet. This wallet should have a clean history on Etherscan or other block explorers.

  2. Unshield ETH/MATIC/BNB into this new wallet. This will require a Broadcaster, the origin of these funds will be the RAILGUN smart contract, rather than any address linked to you.

  3. At your next transaction, click “Advanced Options” and Click the SIGNER field. Select the newly created and seeded wallet.

  1. Proceed with the transaction as normal.

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