Create a New Wallet

Start your Railway Wallet journey with a fresh 0x and 0zk address

When first loading the Railway Wallet application, you will be prompted to Create or Import a wallet.

Creating a new wallet

  1. Click "Create wallet"

  1. Create or enter a password (you will need to enter this password to send every transaction so don't make it too hard to type or remember).

  1. Next, name your wallet and click "Submit". Wallet names can be up to 18 characters.

  1. By default your newly generated seed phrase is hidden. To view your seed phrase click "Click to show". Once you have securely recorded (written down on pen and paper) your recovery phrase, click "Next"

You do NOT need to reveal your seed phrase to copy it.

WARNING: Ensure you have your seed phrase securely stored. Cryptoassets are entirely self-custodial and if you misplace or lose your seed phrase you will lose control of your assets.

If this happens, there are no account recovery options. Store your seed phrase offline and securely.

  1. Click "Finish" to complete adding your new wallet.


You've now generated your new wallet and private address! Each wallet has a public (0x) and private (0zk) component, both addresses are derived from the same private key.

To switch between Public or Private balances, click the button in the upper right.

Any valid 12 or 24-word recovery phrase can be imported and does NOT need to have been generated in Railway Wallet. For example, a recovery phrase created in MetaMask can be easily imported into Railway Wallet and vice versa.

Further Info

Wallet data is encrypted and securely stored locally in a secure enclave. When using the web app, clearing your browser data will delete your encrypted private key and you will have to re-enter your private key.

Railway supports both 12 and 24-word mnemonic recovery phrases (seed phrases). Recovery phrases generated in Railway have 12 words.

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