Import an Existing Wallet

Import a wallet from Metamask or other wallet provider

Importing an existing wallet

  1. Click your wallet name in the upper right. For this example, it is named "My Wallet".

  1. Next, click "Open wallet settings". This page also gives you easy access to all loaded wallets.

  1. Click "Add Wallet +" to bring up options. Next, click "Import existing wallet" and enter/set your password.

  1. Enter the desired name for your wallet and seed phrase, then click "Submit".

  1. Click "Finish" to complete import process.

Switching Between Wallets

  1. Switch wallets by clicking your wallet name in the top right. In this screenshot, "My Other Wallet".

  1. Currently active wallet is highlighted with a green border. From here, click the wallet you want to set as active.

Advanced Feature: Non-Zero Wallet Derivations

HD wallets allow for the generation of multiple 0x addresses from the same seed phrase. Railway supports non-zero wallet derivations.

  1. Click "Wallet settings", click "Import existing wallet", and enter your password.

  1. Name your wallet and enter the seed phrase. Then, click "Show advanced options".

  1. Enter the Derivation Index of the 0x address you want to add and click "Submit".

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