Private POI Walkthrough

Shielding Walkthrough

  1. Begin the Shield process. There is now an indication of the length of the Unshield-Only Standby Period (5 minutes on testnets and 1 hour on mainnet).

  1. Tokens from this shield will show as "Pending" in the Activity tab. See Balance Types for more information.

  1. To see pending balance time, click "View pending balances" on the Shield transaction or click "Pending balances" on the settings panel.

  1. Here, you will be able to see the approximate wait time for your balances to become "Spendable"

Unshield to Origin Walkthrough

If you need your tokens prior to the completion of the Unshield-Only Standby Period, you can Unshield back to the originating 0x address.

  1. Navigate to the "Pending balances" window and click 'Unshield to origin"

  1. Go through the unshield process as normal. Please note the 0.25% shield and unshield fee.

  1. Wait for the Private POI process to complete. You will see a few windows showing proof generation progress

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