Using Railway Wallet with Unstoppable Domains

Receive private payments to an Unstoppable Domains address

You can quickly and easily receive payments to an memorable Unstoppable Domains address instead of your long 0zk address.

Setting up an Unstoppable Domains NFT

  1. Head to the Unstopppable Domains homepage.

  2. Type your desired domain name into the search bar

  1. Select your desired domain name suffix

  1. Click "Checkout" and select one of the sign-in options.

  1. Complete the payment process with desired payment method

Minting an Unstoppable Domains NFT

  1. Go to ‘My Account’ in the top right and select ‘My Domains’ in the dropdown menu

  2. If you did not sign in with your wallet, connect you wallet and make sure it is connected to Polygon and click ‘Free Mint’ (you will not need any gas to mint your domain or manage it)

  3. Click ‘Confirm’ to start the minting process, this may take a few minutes after the transaction is confirmed on-chain to reflect.

Linking an Unstoppable Domains NFT and a 0zk address

  1. Once complete, click ‘My Account’ and ‘My Domains’ again and click ‘Manage’ on your new NFT domain

  2. To set your 0zk address click ‘Crypto’ on the left panel and ‘Add Currency’ at the bottom

  3. Select ‘RAILGUN’ from the popup list and enter in your 0zk address next to the ‘0zk’ textbox and click ‘Confirm Changes’. This will prompt a signature from your wallet.

  1. Click ‘Track Progress’ to see the progress of the transaction. Once complete, voila, you can now receive Private Sends directly to your domain.

  2. To try it out, click "Send" on Railway and enter in the domain name which will then resolve to the 0zk address tied to it. Unstoppable Domains are also supported on Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon.

  1. After this, the process is like any other Private Send.

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