Perform a token swap with Railway DEX

Railway supports swapping from both 0x and 0zk addresses through Railway DEX. Easily swap any ERC-20 through the 0x API (the same DEX aggregation tool powering Matcha.xyz). Learn more about Railway DEX here.

Public Swaps (0x Address)

  1. From your Public Wallet, click "Swap" to access Railway DEX.

  1. Select the tokens you want to swap. You can import any token if it's not in the current list by pasting its contract address into the token selector. Click "Approve" if this is the first time you're swapping the token.

  1. To modify swap settings like slippage, click the "Settings" icon.

  1. By default, slippage is set to 1%. Drag the slider to set it anywhere between 0.1%-20%. Click "Save" to set slippage.

  1. Click "Review order" and enter your password to continue.

  1. Click "Swap" to submit the transaction. You can also set a custom fee by clicking the "Network Fee" box.

  1. You will receive a confirmation of the swap. View the details of the transaction from the "Activity" tab or a block explorer.

Private Swaps (0zk Address)

  1. To switch between Public and Private Swaps, click the button as below.

  1. Slippage settings for Private Swaps default to 5% to account for additional transaction time. Like Public Swaps, you can set slippage to between 0.1% and 20%.

  1. Select the swap tokens. Private Swaps do not need a token approval transaction. Click "Review Order" and enter your password to continue.

  1. Click "Generate Proof" to prepare the transaction. To set a custom Broadcaster Fee, press the "Broadcaster Fee" box. To Self-Broadcast the transaction, see Self-Broadcasting.

  1. Click "Swap" to submit the transaction to the selected Broadcaster.

  1. You will receive a notification of the status of the swap. Click the "Activity" tab to view your transaction history.

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