Private Yield Farming

Earn yield on your private balance on Railway Farm

Railway Wallet supports private yield farming through with other yield sources coming soon.

Please note, most Beefy vaults are for farm tokens (such as Liquidity Pool [LP] tokens on a DEX) and rarely support single-sided raw assets like WETH or USDC by themselves. In most cases, you will need to provide liquidity on the underlying DEX or farm first, then shield to proceed with private yield farming.

For example, if you wanted to deposit into the Convex cvxFXS farm privately, you would obtain cvxFXS by depositing FXS on Convex, shield the cvxFXS then proceed with the following steps.

Depositing Tokens

  1. Navigate to the Farm by clicking 'dApps' then 'Farm'

  1. If you already have a shielded farmable asset, then click on the asset in the list. If you do not have a farmable asset, click 'Beefy Vaults' to see the full list and obtain the farm token for the vault you want. You will need to shield a farmable asset such as an LP token to proceed.

  1. Enter in the amount you want to farm with and click 'Confirm Amount'

  1. Click 'Add moo[Token] to wallet'. Moo tokens are Beefy's receipt token. They are redeemable over time for more of the underlying token.

  1. Click 'Add'

  1. Click 'Next'

  1. Review the transaction details closely. Click 'Deposit into Beefy Vault' to proceed.

Redeeming Tokens

  1. Navigate to the 'Farm' page by clicking 'dApps' then 'Farm'

  1. Click the dropdown and select 'Assets to redeem'

  1. Select the moo[Token] of the farm which you wish to withdraw from

  1. Enter the withdrawal amount and click 'Confirm amount'

  1. Click 'Next'

  1. Review the withdraw transaction closely. Click 'Redeem from Beefy Vault' to proceed.

Farm Activity

  1. Click 'Activity' to see your Private Farm transaction history such as deposits and redemptions.

  1. Private Farm transaction history can also be seen if you click the asset in your asset list. You can also deposit and withdraw from vaults from this panel as well.

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