View-Only Wallets

Create a Read-Only Viewing Key for your Railway Wallet

Railway users can import a View-Only Wallet. This wallet will be associated with a 0zk address, and can view transaction history and balances, without being able to spend funds.

WARNING: Currently, Viewing Keys grant full transaction viewing access and will permanently display all transactions (including future transactions) to a Viewing Key holder. Viewing Keys cannot be revoked once shared.

Generating your Shareable Viewing Key

  1. Click "Settings" in the bottom left then "Wallets".

  1. Here, you can view/modify wallet settings. Click "Show View-Only Private Key".

  1. This opens a dialog box with clickable text. Click the text to copy it to your clipboard.

Importing a Viewing Key

  1. Click "Settings" then "Wallets". Click "Add Wallet" and "Add view-only wallet" and enter your password.

  1. Name your wallet and paste in the Viewing Key then click "Submit".

  1. Click "Finish" once the wallet is imported. Importing may take up to 20 seconds.

  1. Railway will now sync the balance and transaction history for the Viewing Key. This may take up to 2 minutes. Click "Activity" to see the decoded transaction history.

If you want to try importing a View-Only Wallet, here is the Viewing Key from this example:


Further Info

View-Only wallets are useful for audit purposes – for example, accountants may use View-Only Wallets to view the transaction history of their clients. RAILGUN transactions are entirely private, and only those with View access can see the wallet's decrypted transaction history. Read more about RAILGUN Viewing Keys here.

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